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Babi Yar Massacre

Starting from September 29 of 1941, the Nazi army began the mass murder of 100,000 people at a death pit known as Babi Yar in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. The story traces the sequence of events that led to the murder of thousands of these victims: the Pavlovskaya patients. It started with Joseph Stalin’s collective farm program which resulted in the famine that killed over 20 million people. That resulted in thousands of heartbroken communists to betray this system by passing out leaflets about the failure of communism. That resulted in the arrests and commitment into the Pavlovskaya mental hospital. But how did these people end up getting murdered by the Nazis at Babi Yar? Mr. Sanchez uses film evidence to prove that U.S. mental hospitals are being used in the same way as the Pavlovskaya. Could a similar massacre happen in the U.S.?

My film:

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Mother of All Evidence

The book of my adventures and travels



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Prince of Meshech and Tubal

Comics I have drawn.


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The Auschwitz Halfway House


A compare and contrast film that compares the Nazi death camps with the modern halfway houses and mental hospitals in the United States. Mr. Sanchez was illegally framed up by his own attorney, Pedro Castillo secretly in collusion with the U.S. federal police. Mr. Sanchez was help in custody as a "ward" in 2 halfway houses plus a prison named Metropolitan Detention Center. The U.S. government maintains that M.D.C. is not a prison and that it's only a "halfway house." So, therefore, the U.S. government denies that Mr. Sanchez had any constitutional rights under the Six Amendment.
Although the scale of the mass murders incomparable to the U.S. halfway houses, the methods of covering up the covert uses of U.S. halfway houses, are the same methods used by Nazis from 1940 to 1945.

I took this photo at Brzezinka (Birkenau) Poland in October of 2013. The sky was all white. This was too boring to me. So we painted our own version of what the sky should look like. If you want to know more about my trip to Brzezinka (Auschwitz II) in Poland, watch my film: The Auschwitz Halfway House.

Some Photoshop Manips


Auschwitz 1942-1945
And now:

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Exile in Paris


For the last 23 years U.S. psychiatrists have been drugging the film maker, Carl Sanchez-Medina, claiming that Mr. Sanchez is very "ill" very "delusional." Over 100 psychiatrists and therapists have been insisting that Mr. Sanchez ha been"homeless," "sleeping at the waiting room of the airport," "eating from garbage ans" for the last 23 years. And that Mr.Sanchez has "never been to Paris."

Mr.Sanchez used this film as evidence that the U.S. psychiatrists are "totally freaken nuts."

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The Dreamtown Mall. Kiev

I'm visiting the Dream Town Mall in Kiev, Ukraine (former U.S.S.R.).

I support Bradley Manning:
Photo taken at Kiev Polytechnical Institute.

The Hood. Brovary, where I live

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